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It may actually not be easier to work with a simple site builder and a template. It is much faster, as most of the work is done, but it is more limited, as most of the work cannot be undone. The result is speedy compromises and workarounds. Some limits, however, are simply not acceptable. This site template, for instance, has a surprise limit of 100 MB on the image library. Seems odd for a host that advertises 15 GB. I feel like a swimmer promised an Olympic pool and given a shot glass to fill it. My arguments with FastComet (which still seems like a great host) are currently on hold pending internal discussion.

Other issues have abounded, as it turns out this is a brand new theme template, which for all intents and purposes I am alpha testing. This has given rise to a number of annoyances, but I have grown to respect the aesthetic structure and potential of the design. After some setbacks and misgivings I have decided to stick with it. (See how artfully I have packaged plain old stubbornness. Gosh, I love that word – three repeated letters!) My thanks to all who have helped and voiced encouragement.

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Sunday was not a day of rest; it was the day I did the rest. Well, most of it. The bones of the site seem pretty solid, and it’s fleshing out nicely. It will need a lot of dressing up, and all are invited to contribute to the wardrobe or play costume designer. I’m a bit tired, so I won’t try to wax eloquent. I hope you like and enjoy it.

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What Goes Around Comes Around … Again and Again and Again!


Well, here we are at a new site on a new host, minus just about everything but cluttered backup copies of content. Birds migrate. Monarch butterflies migrate. Whales migrate. Websites get lost sometimes, apparently. Our Dropbox is still intact, because it didn’t move anywhere, but the web links are gone. We plan to shrink that repository anyhow and rebuild our content here in a more user-friendly environment. Yes, yes, I know; we got fractaled.

I’ve been playing with the torus above and using it to test our new Epson Stylus Pro. It seems to work very nicely, although I haven’t tried a 17×22 sheet, or board stock, or canvas yet. The pigmented colors are fantastic, much better than inkjet dyes, but the ink costs are even more fantastic! Oh well, art for art’s sake and all that. We’ll let you know what’s available when we know what we’re doing with this printer.

Most of the rather ancient Linux machines involved in the Silex self-hosting attempt are still chugging along, but the server is definitely a lost cause. The Windows machines are fine for whatever they’re good for, and the Mac is on Craigslist. FastComet supports Silex, but I’m just not up to trying it again. I’m slapping things together with the FC site builder, and I’ll add WordPress whenever it’s worth it. Frankly, I’m feeling more humble than adventurous. Something appropriate will come together sooner or later.

I won’t bother to reconstitute the old blog for nostalgia’s sake. This will be a fresh start – tabula rasa time. It might be a little while before we’re back in the swing of things. The mess needs to be cleaned up and reorganized first. Thanks for the expressions of sympathy and sarcasm. Your patience is appreciated. Keep in touch and happy fractaling!